Chris Martin the illustrator (not the guy from Coldplay)

Chris Martin recently completed some beautiful work for Diageo for the now Fife and Glasgow based Johnnie Walker Whisky. The illustrations have a far eastern style and I assume that would also be their destination. As with a lot of Chris’s work there is a huge attention to detail and a story.

The outer packaging (see below) shows a landscape with a Chinese dragon swirling around and Auld (That is Scottish for ‘old’ pronounced “aw-ld”) Johnnie Walker the striding man who was introduced to the brand way back in 1908.

The bottles (see above)are white (shrink wrapped?) and again has Chris’s illustrations adorning them in blue which relates to the traditional Chinese porcelain plates. The illustrations as far as I can make out show the story of Johnnie Walker and the whisky (I presume) making it’s way from Bonnie Scotland to Beautiful China. You can make out The castle with the St Andrews flag, the ship in the sea having its sails blown, a dragon in the water almost Nessie like and the boat arriving in China. Oh and the eagle carrying the bottle of Walkers Kilmarnock Whisky as it used to be known as.

Johnnie Walker is a very prestigious brand being sold all around the world and will no doubt bring more attention to the talented Chris Martin.




Images Copyright of Owner Chris Martin/SynergyArt/Diageo

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